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In various genres, stories strive to capture life's essence authentically. Mysteries engage readers with captivating puzzles, while romances explore the transformative power of love. Science fiction prompts reflection on our existence, and fantasy invites us to enchanting realms. Real stories, in particular, aim to shine a light on genuine human experiences, tackling raw emotions and real-life challenges. Across all genres, stories depict flawed characters who have diverse life experiences. At Blank Page, our mission is to discover stories that bring people closer, fostering understanding and connection, allowing readers to relate to characters from all walks of life.

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

"Glory" follows the journey of a tight-knit group of friends on the "Green Lagos" basketball team as they navigate the challenges of college life. The story uses the basketball court as a metaphor for life's trials, showing how the beautiful game parallels the difficulties of personal growth and friendship. Through victories and setbacks, the friends discover that, like basketball, life is hard work but ultimately worth the fight. "Glory" is a heartfelt tale of resilience, teamwork, and the enduring beauty of friendship in the face of life's challenges.

Bethlehem Shekanena wrote both these poems almost a month apart from each other. Those months were when she struggled, and she said, “ struggling hard”. She says, “It genuinely felt like I was hitting rock bottom and still had some room to dig deeper.”. The only thing that kept her sane and helped her push through every day was the song BE OK by Samoht, Introduced to Samoht’s music by her younger brother, she was reminded that if she could make it through one day, she could do it through the next, the next, and then the next. Poet Shekanena says, “I had to remind myself that it’s okay to want things to be easy, to want a simpler rose-coloured path for life, but also to take what I’ve been given and nurture hope for myself.” She prayed that her growing hope in herself and her future would transcend from her to all those who read her work. All love.

METAMORPHOSIS; A short essay by Bethlehem Shekanena that depicts a moment of vulnerability that will hopefully lead to a lifetime of clarity. All love.

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